Welcome to the documentation for Nym's TypeScript SDK!

This comprehensive guide contains information about the various TypeScript SDK modules that facilitate interaction with different components of the Nym stack, including the Nym mixnet, the Nyx blockchain, and Coconut credentials.

Other developer guides

If you're new to the Nym ecosystem and want to better understand the mixnet, explore kickstart options and demos, learn network integration, or follow developer tutorials, the Developer Portal (opens in a new tab) is your go-to resource.

For a more in-depth exploration of Nym's architecture, clients, nodes, and SDK examples, please refer to the Technical Documentation (opens in a new tab) section.

If you'd like to build your own app or integrate pieces of the Nym infrastructure using Rust, please use our Rust SDK documentation (opens in a new tab).

If you're looking for information and setup guides for the various pieces of Nym mixnet infrastructure (mix nodes, gateways, network requesters) and Nyx blockchain validators, then have a look at our Operators Guide (opens in a new tab).

What is Nym?

Nym is a privacy infrastructure that secures user data and protects against surveillance at the network level. The platform does so by leveraging different technological components:

  • A Mixnet, a type of overlay network that makes both content and metadata of transactions private through network-level obfuscation and incentivisation (using Sphinx (opens in a new tab));
  • A blockchain, Nyx (opens in a new tab), our Cosmos SDK blockchain, to allow for us to use payment tokens in the form of NYM, as well as smart contracts, in order to create a robust, decentralized, and secure environment incentives for the mixnet;
  • Coconut, a signature scheme that creates an application-level private access control layer to power Zk-Nyms (opens in a new tab);
  • A utility token, NYM (opens in a new tab), to pay for usage, measure reputation and serve as rewards for the privacy infrastructure.

Simply put, the Nym network ("Nym") is a decentralized and incentivized infrastructure to provision privacy to a broad range of message-based applications and services.

Read our protocol

The Nym network ("Nym") (opens in a new tab) is a privacy infrastructure that, simply put, can be seen as a "Layer 0" privacy infrastructure (opens in a new tab) for the entire internet. Read more to understand the differences in between Nym, TOR (and other mixnets) and VPNs.